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About Our Organization


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Love 11 is a 501 (C) 3 Non Profit Organization


Organization established in 2016.

The Micah Daniel Love Foundation “Love 11” is a foundation with a mission to  reach at risk and economically disadvantaged youth through sports and local activity programs.  Our names are Emily Micah Love and Joshua Micah Love. We as parents started this foundation to help people in Micah’s name and help his amazing spirit live on. Micah we are so proud of you! #livelikemicah #lovelikemicah.


Why did we start Love 11?

In May of 2016 our son Micah Love went to Heaven after an accident over Memorial Day weekend. Micah was and is someone who cared about everybody around him. He loved having fun and being with his friends. Micah loved so many things and sports were just one of them but he truly loved sports. Micah loved playing sports year-round. He loved the commitment, dedication, and practice involved in each sport. Micah loved working to get better. Even more than that he loved the coaches, teammates, and relationships.  As parents we loved watching him gain confidence as he developed in each sport. The smile on his face when he made a play. The excitement on his face when he got his new cleats or got his jersey for the season. Always asking right after school if he had a game or practice that night. Micah was a great teammate and met many of his closest friends through various sports. Sports can do so many things for kids and Micah would want nothing more than to make those feelings possible for as many kids as possible. Also, for as many parents as possible. We loved nothing more than watching our son do something he loved. Micah made us proud in everything he did and sports was just one of them. But he truly loved sports. He is continuing to make us proud by putting it on our hearts to impact as many kids and families as possible. 


How will we give back?

Love 11 will  be awarding grants and scholarship commitments to youth sports organizations, schools and local programs within the community. We will partner with these local organizations and schools to offer a chance for the youth of the city of Spokane to participate. We aim to help fund these programs with scholarship pledges, equipment and grants. We are looking to help low-income and underprivileged kids, schools and neighborhoods. We provide children the ability to play sports regardless of social, cultural, or economic background the opportunity to develop fundamental life skills, a love of sports, and physical activity. Our target is children who do not have access to traditional sports programs due to barriers to participate.

Sports are not simply a way to get kids into shape, they provide an outlet for them where they can explore themselves, build character and helps  find something that they truly enjoy while building relationships that will last a lifetime.


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