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Emily Micah Love

My husband Joshua Micah Love and I founded Love 11 “The Micah Daniel Love” Foundation after our son Micah passed away. Starting Love 11 was originally Josh’s idea but has become a team effort to honor Micah and continue what Micah has shown us to be one of the most important things in life, love. Micah loved his family, his friends, teachers, coaches and having fun. Micah was such a confident and successful boy, he loved encouraging those around him and making everyone feel included. From an early age Micah began teaching us so many valuable lessons in life. One of the many things that makes me most proud about Micah was his ability to get along with just about everyone and make others feel included no matter their ability or circumstances. Micah was bless to play sports from an early age. He enjoyed all sports and was known for being an amazing first baseman, center on the football field, speed racer on roller blades, and point guard on the basketball court. Sports were always a great avenue for Micah to develop his confidence, disciple, team skills, and love for physical activity. Micah always made it a point to thank his coaches after every practice and game. As a family we always discussed the benefits of developing your character through sports. #11 makes us SO proud and I know Micah would be SO happy to see sports be available for all children regardless of any barriers to participate. Love 11 is proud to offer sports to those in need. I was born in Colbert, WA a couple houses away from our board member Chrissy Wild who babysat me as a child. I grew up with two sisters. I graduated from Mt. Spokane High School. Growing up in a single parent house hold for the majority of my childhood and severely lacking in the confidence department sports were never a part of my life growing up. I believe sports could have been an instrumental outlet for me a child and into my teen years. Later in life after becoming a mom of two boys I quickly found myself in the “sports parent” crowd and I have to say I couldn’t have been happier. Sports don’t just benefit our children, I have developed friendships that will last a life time. A network of people I trust with my children, who cheer on my boys, and love our family through all the ups and downs in life. For work I am a pediatric dental assistant and I absolutely love my job. I am a true dental nerd but honestly I couldn’t do it without our patients. I absolutely love kids. Kids just make me happy and are my favorite people to be around. In my free time I love to cook, try new restaurants, watch cooking shows and try new foods. I am a total foodie and really enjoyed cooking with Micah. Micah was really interested in new ingredients, helping in the kitchen, shopping for ingredients and the nutrition behind food. Cooking was our thing. My family also has a passion for travel. We enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I hope to see and experience as much of our world as possible.

I have a passion for helping others especially those in need. I hope that everything I do in my life will glorify God expressing his mercy, grace and love. I am blessed to have been given the gift of my son, Micah Daniel Love and I am excited to honor him and continue making Love #11 available to our youth in this community. Thank you to everyone that supports us.

Joshua Love

I founded Love 11 with my wife Emily after my 8 year old son passed away in a camping accident. We started Love 11 to honor my son and his love for sports. But more than that he had a love for people in his life. His friends meant the word to him and he loved watching them succeed. Micah love all sports. His favorite sport was football although he truly exceled at baseball. I am married to an amazing person named Emily. She is the perfect mother four our sons. Micah Daniel Love was 8 years old when he went to Heaven. His older brother Zachary is 17 years old. I have 3 loves in this world. My Family, Real Estate as my career and Football. I am a huge Raider fan and so is the rest of my family. Our goal with Love 11 is to make a difference for the youth in our community in MIcahs name and make him proud. I could not be more proud of Micah or the way he lived his life. Love 11 is to honor him and make impact in his name for years to come.

Jamie Uncapher

I was born and raised in beautiful Spokane. Although I left for some time, I’m back and here to stay. I joined Love #11 when my brother Joshua Love and Emily Love came and asked me. Without hesitation, I accepted the offer. I am honored to help with an organization that helps children and helps keep Micah’s spirit alive. He made such an impact on everyone around him and I am so grateful to be a part of something that we all know he is proud of. Being part of on organization that is helping children is so rewarding. To see their faces and enthusiasm makes everything the Love #11 family work so hard for worth it. We want to make every child’s dream of being a sports star come true because every child deserves the opportunity. We work hard so they can play hard! I’m not only part of the Love # 11 family but I have a beautiful family of my own as well. I have been married to the man of my dreams for 15 years. Travis is my husband, friend and partner in crime. We have 2 amazing kids together. Alexis is our “teenager” she is 13 and about to start high school. She has a passion for music that puts me in awe. Alexis can sing for hours and we never get tired of hearing it. She has a beautiful heart and I couldn’t be prouder of the beautiful lady she is becoming. Then we have our funny, outgoing, lovable goofball son, Caden. He is 11 and about to start middle school. Caden has a passion for family. He loves nothing more than watching a movie with me, cooking breakfast with his Dad or video games with his sister. He plays football and we have gotten to see him grow so much since he first started playing sports. That boy doesn’t know how to be anything but sweet. The things I love to do involve my family. If they are in it then I enjoy it. We love to hike on our days off or hang out at the river. Life sometimes gets crazy and when we need to slow down we watch movies or play games. Sundays are my favorite because that’s when we all come together…Our parents, my brother and his family and our friends get together and watch football…GO RAIDERS!!… and of course, snack on some great food. Family time is my hobby and I love it. Micah Daniel Love is my nephew. Although I was gone for seven years when we moved back it’s like we didn’t miss a day in his life. His HUGE heart never went unnoticed. Micah and my son played together for hours whenever we got together for football or any family gathering. My husband tells me daily his misses giving that little guy bear hugs. I miss his cute little nose and the way he talked. I’m so grateful that I got to be a part of the little time we had with him before he went to Heaven. He has had a huge impact on everyone around him, including me and my family. We are only better people for having Micah in our life.

Melynda Sheffield

I was born and raised in Spokane. My husband Derek and I have 6 awesome children, 2 girls and 4 boys. Jade, Tristyn, Kennedy, Bailey, Preston and Drew. My favorite thing in the world is hanging out with my family, cuddling on the couch and watching movies. I also love reading (which I never get to do), scrapbooking (which i think about doing) and eating (which I do too much of). When I’m not spending time with my posse, I enjoy confetti bombing loved ones, putting random items in strangers shopping carts, and fantasizing about being a unicorn. I have been a member of Love 11 since day one. I love being a part of this organization not only because of my love for children, but also because I think it is important for every child to be given the advantage and opportunity to be active in something they’re passionate about or interested in. It also means a lot to me to be a member of Love 11 because it helps me to feel closer to my friend Micah Love. I met Micah through his mom Emily who happens to not only be my coworker but very close friend. Micah joined my son Preston’s football team and from there I got to enjoy watching him grow and learn and become an amazing teammate and friend to my sons Preston and Drew, along with every other child who had the pleasure of knowing him. Occasionally you meet a child that comes into your life and touches your heart in a very special way. That is what Micah did for me. Micah shared my love of individualism and weirdness. It must have been the Capricorn in us. I love being given the opportunity to help children in our community Through scholarships and fundraising with love 11. I would have to say that my all-time favorite sport is football. Not because I love the sport itself, but all of the best memories I have of my son and Micah playing together are on the football field. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Amanda Johnson

I am from Spokane, Washington and joined Love 11 in July of 2016. It is important for me to give back through Love 11 because I feel every child should be able to experience sports, to learn what it means to be part of a team, to work hard to get to your goals and to experience the the joy that comes from sports. A little bit about my family, my husband Lance loves to coach our son’s baseball team and is very involved in our children’s sports. My son Ethan loves playing baseball and hockey and my daughter Emma loves dance and playing soccer. My hobbies are playing softball with my husband, hiking, gardening, riding quads, camping and watching my children play their sports. I met Micah when he moved in next door to us. Playing in the dirt, to building forts, water balloon fights and Nerf gun wars with our kids. He quickly became a part of our family. My favorite sport is hockey, I grew up in the ice rink watching my brother play and every time the Canucks played we would gather around to watch as a family. I have a lot of wonderful childhood memories with this sport.

Michael John LaFranchise

I am from Spokane and I joined Love 11 From the very beginning. I joined Love 11 To help fulfill Micah’s Legacy. Through Micah the world will be a better place and little kids will get to play sports and love the games like he did without worrying about money. I have a brother and a wonderful Mother and Father. We are all huge sports fans and all loved Micah very much. We are all happy to help. My Brother plays baseball with me. I played and love all sports. I played college baseball and still play competitively with a men’s league. I am a pitcher and I manage the team. We are the Spokane Astros part of the mabl. I am a huge fisherman and love the outdoors. I loved playing baseball with Micah and he loved to watch me pitch. I met Micah because I am married to his Aunt Elaine LaFranchise. Baseball is my favorite sport. I am a pitcher and I love every aspect of it. I love being in control of the game every pitch. I also love to manage the team and help out team members as much as I can. my family loves to watch me Pitch. Micah loved to watch me pitch and I loved to teach him. My favorite baseball moment with him was going to a school and he would pitch to me and I would hit fly balls out to my mom in the Outfield. He also pitched to me and he was amazing.

Alisha Jones

I am from Spokane,  WA and I joined Love 11 Directly following the 1st Board Meeting. I am the 11th member of our board. I have seen, as well as lived thru struggle & poverty all of my childhood. We had very little money to provide the basic necessities for survival, let alone sports or any other activities. Love 11 reaches every corner of our community to allow children to participate in activities that many could not without a LOVE 11 scholarship.  It gives us great joy to see the applications & letters come in, knowing that every YES we provide will change a life for the better. My husband Bobby & I have 5 amazing Children Ayanna 20, Lexi 19, Hope 16, Bobby Jr 10, & Taye 7.Our family is VERY involved in Sports & activities. Ayanna played Soccer,  Basketball, & was also a cheerleader in High School. Lexi played Soccer, was a STAR in Basketball, & EVEN played FOOTBALL in High School. Hope has always Participated in Dance & Vocal, as well as Cheerleading when she was little. Bobby Jr is a BEAST on the Football field, 2017 is his 7th season playing, BJ & MICAH played FOOTBALL together as PANTHERS & G-MEN. LiL Bobby also LOVES Basketball & Played his first Year of HOOPFEST with Micah Love. Since Micah has been in Heaven our HOOPFEST TEAM has played in Memory of our buddy Micah & 2017 We actually became TEAM “LOVE 11” even though we are ALWAYS TEAM LOVE 11 😉  He also plays JUDO & has placed in many Tournaments & even received a GOLD MEDAL for the JUNIOR OLYMPICS 2017. Taye LOVES FOOTBALL also, This is his 3rd Season playing football. He is a G-MEN in Spokane Valley. Taye also plays JUDO, has placed in many Tournaments & received a SILVER MEDAL in the 2017 JUNIOR OLYMPICS. He also likes to play basketball, but only at home he says. My Husband Bobby & I are very involved in our children’s activities & do our best to give back every way we can. Big Bobby played sports his whole life, FOOTBALL being his main passion. He built GREAT relationships with his COACHES. His Coaches have always considered him a part of their family, even into his adulthood. He was born & Raised in OAKLAND CA, & he TRULY believes that FOOTBALL kept him out of the GANG LIFE.  He didn’t have time to get in trouble, because he was always on the field, surrounded by STRONG COACHES. 2017 is his 7th YEAR COACHING FOOTBALL. He strongly believes in giving back to our children.  ALL OF THEM, every single player that has taken our fields has become a piece of our family, a piece of our lives.  He believes in creating a FAMILY that these children can always fall back on. He gives back because of the LOVE & STRENGTH he received from HIS COACHES when he was a child, & is now paying it forward.  I am so thankful that this life chose him, he is such a fabulous Father, Husband, Friend & Coach. As for MYSELF, I have been a member at large on the Board of Directors for Spokane Valley Pop Warner for 5 years, Team Manager of our G-MEN Football Team for 7 years, as well as being on the Board of Directors for MY CHERISHED LOVE 11.. I was the 11th member added to our board & I will cherish that #11 ALWAYS.. I have surrounded myself with Children my WHOLE life. Children are such great lil people that we as adults can learn so much from.  I am crazy busy everyday & the reason being is always related to CHILDREN.  My own, someone else’s child, an activity, or sport, or one of my AMAZING BOARDS that I have the honor of being a part of.Even with my head spinning like CRAZY, I would have it NO OTHER WAY.  You never know when you may be that one person that a child is searching for to make a difference in their life. For love, Strength, encouragement, or maybe that one person that gets them back on the right path & holds them accountable.. I am ok with any & all of the possibilities. I love the feeling of arms wrapped around my neck of all of the children that have changed my life. Oh, My Dear LiL Micah Love.  I met Micah when he started his FOOTBALL CAREER as a Panther, which seems like forever ago.  BJ, Preston & Micah had such a blast that Season! Funny Little Boys running around with their Football Pants covering their ankles!! They also Played together as G-MEN and  in HOOPFEST their first Year. My boys & Micah are GREAT FRIENDS. Micah’s Mommy Emily, always planned the best Birthdays & Halloween Parties EVER.. My boys LOVED MICAH’S PARTIES!! Always SO MUCH FUN!!  Micah has a way of touching everyone he meets.. ESP me.. He changed my LIFE. He is a true example of GENUINE. He Genuinely GIVES HIS ALL. LOVES with EVERYTHING HE’S GOT & ALWAYS TRIES HIS BEST.. He was always one of the smallest boys on the field. But, you would NEVER KNOW it by the way he plays.. WIN, LOSE, OR TIE. He ALWAYS gives his BEST. There are so many Children that miss this sweet boy. So many Children that said GOODBYE to their BEST BUDDY way too EARLY. For that I will always be sad, for that my heart will always ache. BUT, for the life he set out to CREATE for US ALL that wait for HEAVEN. What a GIFT he gave us . I remember after Josh & Emily got married I began calling her “Mrs Oiland”. She always said with a lil smirk on her face, ” I will always be LOVE, just like Micah. I can’t change my name, or his. Micah Love is a name that EVERYONE will know one day,  Don’t you think?  Micah Love. SUCH A GREAT NAME! “I know NOW that she was right ALL those YEARS ago.. EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME MICAH LOVE!! WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR YOU BABY BOY!! I PRAY THAT WE MAKE YOU PROUD!! WE LOVE YOU MICAH!! FOOTBALL is my favorite sport hands DOWN!!  We are such a huge FOOTBALL Family. On and OFF the Field. Second is JUDO. I never thought that I could love any sport as much as football.But, JUDO is AMAZING!!

Chrissy Wild

I grew up in Colbert Washington just houses away from Emily Love. I joined Love 11 from the very start with no hesitation, While I was growing up I knew how important sports were in my life to keep my life going in a positive way, as my family life wasn’t what it should have been. So for me to have the chance to help give back to kids by getting them into sports makes me happy knowing they will have a team to call family. I now have a husband and two amazing boys ages 7 and 5. So sports it is and they are on many teams. They do judo, tackle football, soccer, basketball and lacrosse, We love the sports life and plan to help others get out of sports that we do. Friendships, coaches, sensei’s, .. I love playing coed softball and being team mom for my boy’s teams. I got the chance to meet Micah when he decided to share his birthday party with my son, they are 2 years and 2 days apart and these two became birthday buddies forever….

Elizabeth Adam

I am from Illinois. I joined Love 11 in October 2016. Growing up I didn’t have very much so to be able to help our youth get into sports to help them later in life is an amazing gift. I have a 17 year old son who loves to play sports. I like to go hiking and take weekend trips with my free time. Micah is my nephew. I love baseball. I loved watching games with my grandpa. He was an amazing man so the sport grew on me.

Keith Witt

Originally from Spokane Wa but grew up in Kansas. I joined in 2017 by way of the Spokane Empire.Giving back through love 11 is a way for me to help youth get opportunities they wouldn’t have without our help. I was fortunate to have a step mom who put me in soccer at a young age and then transitioned to football shortly after. These kids we help may never have a chance to play without our help.I have an amazing wife of going on 10 years. 3 almost always wonderful children ages 9, 11 and 13. I am passionate about all sports but my main focus is football. I am currently coaching Pop Warner football and hope to become a high school coach in the future. I play flag football to stay busy and healthy. I am a former mascot. In the end I believe my interests are helping kids have a better life, being a mentor in a way that will positively change the way a child is and make them better members of our community. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to meet Micah. From the stories I have heard he had an amazing heart and wanted to help others by including everyone. This is something that I strive to teach my own children. I like to say it’s easier to build a longer table the to build a taller wall. As I have mentioned earlier I am a die hard football fan. This is the sport I mainly focused on and excelled in as a youth, it’s what I know. Football gave me the acceptance I needed as a child to continue to stay on the right path. If football didn’t come around I am not sure where I might have ended up. Football saved my life in a lot of ways.

Bruce Van Cott

I was born and raised in Spokane, Washington where I have lived all my life. I joined Love 11 right after Micah Love passed away. My company wrote a life insurance policy that helped initially fund the foundation and when I delivered it to Josh and Emily they had decided on using it to honor Micah and start the Love 11 foundation. Josh asked if I would be a board-member from the start and it has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. Being a Spokane native I truly love my community. I believe it’s very important to give back and support the community in any way I can. I played every sport I possibly could while growing up and it taught me many valuable lessons such as finishing what you start, setting goals and working hard to accomplish them and maintaining discipline. These are traits that all children can benefit from learning. Love 11 has provided an amazing opportunity for me to give back and help provide access for all children in our community to experience these things. I live in Colbert, WA with my beautiful wife and two daughters. I enjoy golfing, working out, reading, and spending time with my family on the lake. I was fortunate enough to know Micah as a family friend. He was an amazing young man who really emulated all the ideas and goals of the Love 11 foundation. My favorite sports to watch are the NFL and March Madness and my favorite sport to play is golf.