Joshua Micah Love

I founded Love 11 with my wife Emily after my 8-year-old son passed away in a camping accident. We started Love 11 to honor my son and his love for sports. But more than that he had a love for people in his life. His friends meant the world to him and he loved watching them succeed and cheering them on.

Micah loved all sports. He loved his teammates. His favorite sport was football although he truly excelled at baseball. I am married to an amazing woman named Emily and she is truly my best friend. She is the perfect mother for our sons for so many reasons. Micah Daniel Love was 8 years old when he went to Heaven. His older brother Zachary is now 21 years old.

In my spare time, I love being active and working out. I have four loves in this world. My Family, traveling, Real Estate, and football. I am a huge Raider fan and so is the rest of my family. Micah was as well. Our goal with Love 11 is to make a difference for the youth in our community in Micah’s name.

I could not be more proud of Micah or the way he lived his life. His energy and abilities as well as his humor and loving nature. Love 11 is to honor him and make an impact in his name for years to come.

Emily Micah Love

My husband Joshua Micah Love and I founded Love 11 “The Micah Daniel Love” Foundation after our son Micah passed away. Starting Love 11 was originally Josh’s idea but has become a team effort to honor Micah and continue what Micah has shown us to be one of the most important things in life, love. Micah loved his family, his friends, teachers, coaches, and having fun.

Micah was such a confident and successful boy, he loved encouraging those around him and making everyone feel included. From an early age, Micah began teaching us so many valuable lessons in life. One of the many things that makes me most proud about Micah was his ability to get along with just about everyone and make others feel included no matter their ability or circumstances. Micah was blessed to play sports from an early age. He enjoyed all sports and was known for being an amazing first baseman, center on the football field, speed racer on roller blades, and point guard on the basketball court.

Sports were always a great avenue for Micah to develop his confidence, disciple, team skills, and love for physical activity. Micah always made it a point to thank his coaches after every practice and game. As a family, we always discussed the benefits of developing your character through sports. #11 makes us SO proud and I know Micah would be SO happy to see sports be available for all children regardless of any barriers to participate. Love 11 is proud to help make sports attainable to those in need.

I was born and raised in Spokane, WA. I have two sisters and graduated from Mt. Spokane High School. I grew up in a single-parent household for the majority of my childhood and severely lacked in the confidence department. Sports were never a part of my life growing up. I believe sports could have been an instrumental outlet for me as a child and into my teen years. Later in life after becoming a mom of two boys I quickly found myself in the “sports parent” crowd and I have to say I couldn’t have been happier. Sports don’t just benefit our children, I have developed friendships that will last a lifetime. A network of people I trust with my children, who cheer on my boys and love our family through all the ups and downs in life.

For work, I am a pediatric dental assistant and I absolutely love my job. I am a true dental nerd but honestly, I couldn’t do it without our patients. I absolutely love kids. Kids just make me happy and are my favorite people to be around.

In my free time, I love to cook, try new restaurants, watch cooking shows, and try new foods. I am a total foodie and really enjoyed cooking with Micah. Micah was really interested in new ingredients, helping in the kitchen, shopping for ingredients, and the nutrition behind the food. Cooking was our thing.

My family also has a passion for travel. We enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. I hope to see and experience as much of our world as possible.

I have a passion for helping others, especially those in need. I hope that everything I do in my life will glorify God expressing his mercy, grace, and love. I am blessed to have been given the gift of my son, Micah Daniel Love and I am excited to honor him and continue making Love #11 available to our youth in this community.

Thank you to everyone that supports Micah’s foundation.

Board Members

Jamie Uncapher
Myndy VanHalen
Alisha Jones
Chrissy Teresa
Keith Witt

Micah Daniel Love

The Micah Daniel Love Foundation

In May of 2016 our son Micah Love went to Heaven after an accident over Memorial Day weekend.

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